“The foundation for fundamental trust is embedded the primal relationship with one’s first caretakers.”
– Manfred Kets de Vries –
Team leader - The Marine and the Therapist


Team Leader

The team leader has a wonderful but intensive role. On all levels this role is a demanding one. For most teamleads it is quite a puzzle to be calm and astute, to show care, resilience and decisiveness at the right moment. There is no fixed solution, no template, model, or format, other than experiencing your own style through the group you lead under pressure.

In this intensive leadership training, you will take the deep dive too: Getting to grips with your dysfunctional psychological behavioral patterns when leading others and receiving leadership. Because how does it work for you when facing opposition under physical and mental pressure? Come and find out in the program with fellow teamleads and enjoy a steep learning curve you will remember for a long time coming. Useful for the rest of your life.

What can you expect?

If you are registered, you will first receive an intake interview, to get acquainted and to determine where you stand. The program will start a few weeks later.

You will work on 4 themes in 5 days. On average you are active 10-12 hours a day. Starting Monday morning at 9:00 am, you will go home on Friday afternoon at 4:00 pm. We ‘equalize’ and share experiences 2 weeks after the training in a final 4-hour meeting in the morning.

We offer you a view and insights into the fundamental principles of:

  • Team leadership;
  • Collaboration;
  • Group dynamics and systemic work;
  • Personal leadership and self-help.

During the 5-day program you will work with two senior trainers and support staff. Afterwards, you can personally book your own seasoned top coach to collaborate in a separate coaching process. In addition, we invite specialists to the program – speakers for example – for education, guidance, instruction, and care.

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