Team of The Marine & The Therapist

Coen Zwezerijnen
  06 1466 3070
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Coen Zwezerijnen (founder, trainer)

Coen first worked in business for 14 years. Since 2005 he has been a therapist with his own practice, especially for top management and specialists who are psychologically distressed.

Gerben Roosink van de Marinier en de Therapeut

Gerben Roosink
  06 3072 9292
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Gerben Roosink (trainer)

Gerben served in the elite seafaring unit of the Dutch Navy; the Marine Corps. He then studied at the Academy of Arts. These experiences give him a broad, deep, and astute view on people.

Arjan Breeuwsma van de Marinier en de Therapeut

Arjan Breeuwsma
  06 5084 8115
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Arjan Breeuwsma (trainer)

In 2008 Arjan joined the Marine Corps. After returning from his operational deployment, Operation Ocean Shield, he enlisted in the special units within the elite corps, Netherlands Maritime Special Operations Forces (NLMARSOF).