“Who cares wins.”
– Lilly Cole –

Welcome to The Marine & The Therapist

We are change agents, forging teams, leadership and character. We focus on the mentality and behavior by which people in organizations deal with themselves and others. We offer tailor-made change programs.


Nothing grows in your comfort zone. Growth in adults evolves by conquering difficulties, frustrations, and discomfort. By going deep. The best mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical growth takes place on the edge of your comfort zone and just beyond. There you need your will, your character, your mental attitude to tap into the source of what you are made of.

It is not only up to you to decide where that border area of your comfort zone is. You will need others. Others can observe you in ways you can’t yourself. It is however not enough to intellectualize. You need action – the experience – to pursue your growth, in a ‘deep dive’ where your body, your mind, your senses, your heart and your soul are challenged. In solid holistic programs. To develop new behavior that sticks. In the end it’s all about love for yourself, for others and for your team. Who cares wins.


Our symbol is the fusion between the Greek letter PSI – symbol for psychology and the care of the soul – and a commando dagger; that symbolizes the warrior, the magician, and the king in us. With the motivational drivers of love, loyalty, progress, and strength.


We train, facilitate and coach inCompany at off-site locations. We forge leadership, teams, and characters. We provide mind-body programs; a combination of psychology, systemic work, and all kinds of physical exercise. Developed for starting leaders, for teams, who search the real deal. And finally for soul searchers; people who are looking for direction, self-understanding, and self-love.