“Teamwork makes the dream work.”
– Bang Gae –
Team accelerator - The Marine and the Therapist


Team Accelerator

You commit yourself to one team at a time. This team is your everything. In other words: This team is more important than you, you are willing to sacrifice beyond what you hold possible for the survival of this social system. That is wonderful and scary at the same time. We teach you to understand and use both feelings: We teach you the principles of real sustainable teamwork. About how it works, how you as a team stay healthy after conflicts, for example with failures, newcomers and leavers. And how you can accelerate and continue to perform at the highest level.



You want to learn the basics quickly, then figure it out for yourself? Then PACK HACK is the way forward. You make a journey of 3 days in a row, 12-14 hours on average per day.


You want to learn the basics quickly, plus an in-depth understanding of the social system your are part of? And how that works out for you? Then book PACK FLOW. Teaming up and reaching a state of flow is the dream of every team player. We have two meetings: Once for a 3-day session and once for a 2-day session, you will work an average of 12 – 14 hours per day.


The specialty here is done abroad on a 5 day stretch in the Alps. As a team you will climb a mountaintop, accompanied with the finest and seasoned mountain guides (UIAGM) we have. You will stay in a mountain hut where we eat, sleep, rest, and work!

team accelerator - the marine and the therapist


You want to consistently perform at the highest level? Every day again and again? Even if you recognize that failures are part of the process? Then book PACK PRO. We make a trip of one time 3 days and two times 2 days. With an average of 12 – 14 hours per day you will consistently work your way through optimizing performance on content, team relations, systemic work, and deep personal development.

During the program you will work with two senior trainers. In addition, we invite specialists – speakers for example – for education, guidance, instruction, and care.

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